Event Series Fostering Resilience, Part 1

Fostering Resilience, Part 1

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A webinar presentation of the "Halleluia" eurythmy sequence and a discussion of its healing properties. Eurythmy exercises for parents to do with their children are also given to address the stress of increased screen time and lack of movement due to online schooling. Gain an understanding of the psychological aspects of how we can build […]

Fostering Resilience, Part 2

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A webinar presentation on chamomile as a picture of resilience- Learn practical uses of chamomile and find out how this resilient plant reveals its healing qualities. Learn eurythmy exercises inspired by the chamomile plant. This presentation is co-sponsored by the Foundation for Health Creation, the Physicians' Association for Anthroposophic Medicine (PAAM), and the Anthroposophic Health […]

Fostering Resilience, Part 3

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A webinar presentation offering dynamic insights into how we can think about resilience, sensory and emotional health, and spiritual well-being. Instead of focusing on one tool or medicine, a whole-person picture of well-being is explored. Basic eurythmy exercises for finding balance, and releasing the day to get a good night of sleep, are also be […]